Out of the Shadow

Stepping out of the shadow and into the real world:

Now that high school is over and their futures are before them, Ally, Cole, RJ, and Jamie are ready to get started on life.

Cole and RJ are making a name for their band, Out of Control, having already released one CD and opening for some bigger named bands on tour. As their fame grows, they become more recognizable to more people.

Meanwhile, Ally and Jamie have started college – both of them eager to start fresh and keep as anonymous as possible.

Ally and Cole’s relationship is stronger than ever – both of them thinking marriage is right down the road.

Ally’s father, Jay, and Cole’s father, Nate, have agreed to run Redden Records Chicago – with the help of Redden Record’s founder’s son, Robby Redden.

Life seems to be going in the right direction until a magazine article creates havoc for Ally and Jamie at college, which in turn causes problems between Cole and Ally.

Things only get worse when Ally realizes that she may have feelings for Robby – and where does that leave Cole?

Out of the Shadow is available on lulu.com, Kindle, and will soon be available on Smashwords.


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