Out of the Shadow

Out of the Shadow is now on Lulu.  Yay!  I have to upload it to Kindle still and it usually takes 24 hours for it to be available so watch for it.  I’ll post on Facebook and Twitter when Out of the Shadow is on Kindle.

Next on the agenda, besides updating One in Every Family, is the rewrite of Jamie’s story.  I started it awhile ago and just need to get back to it.

Thanks for all your comments – they’ve been awesome!



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2 responses to “Out of the Shadow

  1. Mandi


    I was just wondering what was happening with Rookie….It’s a favorite of mine that I would definetely like to read again. I’m not entirely sure if it is apart of the PhoneCalls series for characters do make appearances (or so I believe/remember, sorry if I’m mistaken) , so I thought I would check 🙂


    • It sort of is part of Phone Calls but I’ve been considering making it separate. A few other people have asked about it so I’m leaning toward reworking it and posting it.

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