In My Father’s Shadow


In My Father’s Shadow is now available on Lulu as a paperback and an ebook. It will be on Kindle very, very soon, too (probably later today). I must warn you, though, that I have broken the kids’ stories away from the Phone Calls series.  I am going to make the kids’ series totally separate.  This means that names have been changed in this new edition as well as other facts.  The storyline is the same – I just basically changed the parents’ names, the fathers’ band name, the record company and producer name, as well as a few other things.

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time (make the kids’ series separate from Phone Calls).  It’s also necessary since Phone Calls is under contract and I can’t use names, etc. in anything I publish elsewhere. 

I thank any of you who download/purchase and I hope you enjoy the new version!

PS – Out of the Shadow will be coming soon – I’m hoping by the end of the week, but I’m still working on the new story, too.  Also, the link for IMFS is in the link section.



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7 responses to “In My Father’s Shadow

  1. Stephanie

    So exciting! Can’t wait to read it all over again. Any chance you’ll be posting the Rookie series any time soon?

    • I am seriously considering reposting the Rookie series but I will have to change names because of the whole contract issue. I want to finish with the kids’ series first, though.

      I will be sure to post a message when I do start on the Rookie series so you will know.


      • Stephanie

        Excellent! I forgot the band was in there too. I’ll be looking out for it – I really enjoyed that series.

  2. I went to check out the Kindle versions of your books and none of them have any info!
    There’s not a summary posted yet, so I wanted to let you know.
    I’ll definitely be buying Rough Waters soon!

    • Colleen,

      I checked this out and it was showing a summary for all three of the ebooks posted on Kindle. I don’t know if it was just from my view as author, but it found it. The summaries were in a weird place, though. I had to scroll quite a ways down and it was under the heading ‘Editorial Reviews’ – which is kind of odd.
      Anyway, let me know if you find it!
      Thanks for letting me know about this.

  3. jamie

    i bought it and loved it. the little changes didn’t affect the story at all. Still the tear jerker i loved on fp.

    • Thanks so much, Jamie! I am so glad that you liked it and that you didn’t think the little changes affected it. I’ve been a bit concerned about that so I really appreciate your feedback!

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