Finally, a breather!

Hey everyone!  Happy summer!

Sorry I haven’t been around but you would not believe how swamped I’ve been at work for the past six weeks or so.  It’s winding down (thank goodness) and I’ll get a nice loooooong break from work very soon.  I intend to use that time for writing as I haven’t done a whole lot of that lately.

Thanks so very much for all the wonderful comments.  They mean so much to me.  Also, thanks to those of you who have purchased the stuff I have posted on Lulu or Kindle.  I plan to put more on there soon.

My plans for this summer include:

Finishing up some rewrites and posting them here and on Lulu & Kindle
Finishing Calm Seas
Starting something new – maybe even a new series.

I have been visiting FictionPress  and have considered posting again – but I’m not totally comfortable with it yet.  I like posting there because it’s easy to use and it seems that when I’m posting a story on there, it gives me incentive to keep at it.  Lately, I just haven’t had that ‘drive’ to write and keep at it.  Of course, being super busy at work and just plain exhausted when I get home sort of kills my creativity, too.

Just wanted to update all of you and let you know I’m still around.  Hopefully, I’ll be posting more frequently.



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4 responses to “Finally, a breather!

  1. yayyayayayayaya so amazing to have you back and I’m really looking forwar to more updates from you, and congrats on being done btw!!!

    Some sites like authonomy and others that block copy-pasting/etc. options may provide you that incentive to post+the security that you feel lacking, too, btw.

  2. Rhianne Reid

    hey Im really interested in ur work and tried to find ur stuff on kindle but had no luck any chance you can post a link to your stuff? not to be rude or anything lol just really wanna see what uv posted on amazon!!!


  3. Caryn

    I cannot wait for Calming Seas!!!! Glad you are getting a break!

  4. Marsha

    If you start posting on FP again are you going to repost your old stories? I love reading them and hope to be able to read them again soon!

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