Lessons Learned

So, I didn’t advance in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest.  It’s disheartening but I have to say that I’ve learned alot from the experience.  I’ve received two positive (and unbiased) reviews that have given me renewed hope for the novel.  I encourage any of you who have written a book to enter next year. 

I’m leaving for vacation very soon – although not soon enough.  I’ve had it with cold and snow and long for the sun.  I’m hoping that new scenery will inspire new stories that I can post here.  In the meantime, I am going to try my hardest to revamp a chapter or two of one of my old stories to throw up here somewhere.  Any requests?  As I’ve stated before, I cannot post anything to do with the Phone Calls series due to the contract (updates on that when I return from vacation).

Thanks for all the positive comments and best wishes. Keep them coming!  You guys are the best!



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4 responses to “Lessons Learned

  1. mgwill12

    I am a huge fan of your stories on fictionpress and it”s a bummer that you’ve been plagiarised again. I hope you will post your stories up here for people to continue reading.


  2. Maura

    Hey! It’s been awhile. I was so sorry to hear about the plagiarism at FP (again). 😡 I think it’s good you’re done there. It’s just not safe to post your writing there. And they don’t seem to be doing anything to fix it, so…you’re better off protecting your writing by getting the heck out of there.

    Will you be posting “Calm Waters” here? I would love to read the rest of it. I feel like I was reading a book and misplaced/lost the book in the middle. lol. I’d love to read anything new or old from you.

    I checked out that contest. Looks like series authors apply. What did you submit? I’m sorry you didn’t advance. Were you in the romance category? They don’t let you see previous submissions, or I couldn’t find them. And do you need a Kindle? I’m so against Kindle. As an author I like published books, not electronic ones. *sigh*

    Well, have fun on your vacation! Enjoy the warm weather 🙂 Baseball is on the way…and it’ll probably rain on Thursday for the Yankees opening day 😦 Which is what MLB gets for starting the season in March.

    Have a safe trip! ~Maura~

  3. Jamie

    I request Sunny and Eli! Haha I miss them^^
    Have fun on your vacation, I’m so jealous of you! I wish I could take a vacation…but I need to find a summer job 😥

  4. Caryn

    I’m hoping for Noah’s story! I was so sad when you had to take it down. Honestly though I’ll take any of your stories you want to post!

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