Hello again!

Well, here I am in the world of blogging.  I don’t think I’ll do well because I don’t think I’m much of a blogger.  But, I needed a new home for my stuff so here I am.

Excuse all the fancy buttons and widgets for the time being.  Nothing works just yet as I’m still trying to figure it all out.  Soon (I hope) everything will make sense.

If you’ve come here looking for my old stories, they’re not here yet.  I’m hoping they will be, soon.  I intend to edit and repost them but if I get too impatient, I might just post, edit, and then repost.

I also intend to post links to the stuff that I do have listed for sale (all ebooks at this time).

And, I’ve entered a writing contest in which I’m happy to say I’ve made it past the first round.  I’ve been a little distracted by that so I haven’t done a whole lot of writing lately, although I will admit that I am working on something new in which I don’t plan to post (except for maybe a snippet here or there).

So, thanks for coming and please, stop back soon and check out what’s happening.



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6 responses to “Hello again!

  1. Nice to see you here. I can’t wait to read your stories again — my username in FP is sometimesg.

    I also have WP (same title) but its now my back up blog. See you and good luck in your writing contest.

  2. Hi

    Hi! I’m glad you’re on here and not disappeared haha (: I hope to see your stories soon because I remember on FP I was obsessed with them! Hope you make it past the second round in the writing contest!

  3. I go by whitehibiscus in FP.
    I’m happy you’re not disappear completely 😀
    I miss your story and hope everything will be better than before (no more plagiarism !)
    so yeaah, i’ll go wherever your stories go 😀
    good luck

  4. Jamie

    Oh, a new website! Haha I was kinda expecting you to start posting on LJ like so many other FP authors. Will you be setting some sort of password/”friends only” setting on your stories to keep plagiarists away? Anyways, have fun with your writing contest, I hope you win 😉 And I can’t wait to continue reading your stories!

  5. Marsha

    So excited for your stories to go back up! Good luck with the writing contest!

  6. Kaydee

    OMG!! i’m happy your here and writing, and maybe posting your stories!!!

    I LOVED them on FP!!

    You rock!!!! ❤

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